Home Entertainment “Box Office Triumph: ’12th Fail’ Surpasses ‘Tejas’ with Exceptional Collections”

“Box Office Triumph: ’12th Fail’ Surpasses ‘Tejas’ with Exceptional Collections”


In the vibrant world of Indian cinema, Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s latest directorial venture, “12th Fail,” has truly left a mark at the box office, surpassing Sarvesh Mewara’s “Tejas” with an outstanding worldwide collection. The significant difference in their earnings has become a noteworthy topic of conversation, as “12th Fail” continues to assert its dominance on the silver screen with its remarkable financial achievements.

According to insights from industry tracker Sacnilk, “12th Fail” has impressively accumulated a total of ₹6.74 crore net in India within just three days of its release. This substantial figure is in sharp contrast to “Tejas,” which managed to secure ₹3.85 crore during the same period. The distinct variation in these figures offers valuable insight into how these films have been received by audiences.

The numbers weave a compelling narrative. On the second day of their theater run, “12th Fail” maintained its victorious streak, amassing ₹2.51 crore across all languages. In contrast, “Tejas” brought in only ₹1.31 crore, underscoring the ever-widening gap between the two films.

On the third day at the box office, “12th Fail” continued to shine, collecting ₹3.12 crore from all languages, resulting in an impressive weekend total of ₹5.63 crore. In stark contrast, “Tejas” could secure only ₹1.3 crore, leading to a weekend total of ₹2.61 crore, which is nearly half of “12th Fail’s” achievement.

The most striking aspect of this box office competition is the substantial difference in earnings between these two films. “12th Fail” not only outperforms “Tejas” but does so with a remarkable margin. As Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s latest creation continues to captivate audiences, “Tejas” finds itself trailing in the quest for box office supremacy.