Home Entertainment Celebrities Condemn Poonam Pandey’s Alleged Death Stunt: Calls for Boycott Emerge

Celebrities Condemn Poonam Pandey’s Alleged Death Stunt: Calls for Boycott Emerge


A wave of criticism has swept over actor-model Poonam Pandey from various celebrities, including Kangana Ranaut, Mandira Bedi, Bipasha Basu, Mini Mathur, and others. The backlash comes in response to Poonam Pandey’s apparent attempt at a sensational and misleading publicity stunt, where her team claimed she succumbed to cervical cancer, only for her to resurface on social media the next day, asserting her vitality.

Celebrities Condemn Poonam Pandey's Alleged Death Stunt: Calls for Boycott Emerge

The questionable move by Poonam Pandey has not been well-received by her peers in the industry, with many expressing their disdain for what they perceive as a “pathetic and cheap publicity stunt.” Kangana Ranaut, known for her outspoken views, joined the chorus of critics, emphasizing the need to boycott such tactics.

The list of celebrities condemning Poonam Pandey’s actions extends to include Bipasha Basu, Mandira Bedi, Mini Mathur, Gulshan Devaiah, Arti Singh, and Ashoke Pandit. The unanimous sentiment among these figures is that such misleading stunts not only undermine the credibility of the entertainment industry but also exploit sensitive issues like health for mere attention.

Poonam Pandey’s team had initially claimed her demise from cervical cancer on Friday, accompanied by an official announcement on her Instagram account. However, the subsequent revelation of her being alive, as seen in the videos posted on Saturday, has sparked a significant backlash, with many calling for accountability and ethical responsibility in the pursuit of public attention.

The incident has ignited discussions within the industry about the consequences of resorting to extreme measures for publicity, prompting a collective call for more responsible and authentic practices in the realm of celebrity announcements.