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Crises bring out the best of humanity in many ways says Pooja Longani.

Pooja Longani

Pooja Longani is a fashion designer and a business women running her own apparel brand glambee.pkp.

Although Pooja mainly deals in women western wear she is also a freelance designer for indian outfits.Pooja also co founded India’s first poetry cafe -Guftagu cafe.

Pooja says that during this quarantine we’re facing a choice, and it’s a choice we have to make over and over again. Either we can resist the reality of our situation, or we can seize the opportunity to evolve.

It’s not that COVID-19 is a good thing. It’s a disaster and I wish it weren’t happening. But it is happening, and within that reality, we are being forced to reflect on the path we’re on and where it leads, both as individuals and as a society.

Pooja believes that in many ways, crises bring out the best of humanity. It is very common to be overwhelmed with emotions, health issues, collective trauma, and a crushing economy during the lockdown and during such time the last thing you need is someone telling you to do more. Pooja says that it is enough if you are able to keep your mind positive and body healthy during this global pandemic.

Pooja says that this is the time when she realised how important family is. She feels that spending quality time with her family is the most important thing she did. She says that from playing tambola to cards to carrom she enjoyed every moment spent with them.

Pooja tells that she has been doing Zumba with her daughter to keep her body fit. Apart from this she also enjoyes sketching, doing 5 minute crafts and making YouTube videos with her daughter.

However Pooja says that spending some quality time with yourself is also very important. She has been taking out time for her daily self care sessions which include making face and hair masks using home ingredients.

Pooja says that she loves to cook and has learnt many new recipes which she enjoys while watching Netflix. Which she says is a great stress buster.