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Deepika Padukone gets candid about her fashion choices, says style is more important than fashion.


Deepika Padukone who was recently seen in film Chhapaak, is undoubtedly a global icon. She may be making buzz for her films every now and then, but it is her fashion choices that have been a constant topic of discussion.
From the coolest casuals to the heavy ethnics she knows to nail it all.

Deepika when asked about her basic idea of fashion, she answered, “I do keep up with the trends, as in I do read about what is in fashion, what is in trend and what is going on globally. But I don’t necessarily do it because everybody’s doing it. I only do something I feel a connection with, and if it suits my personality. I’m not going to blindly do something because it is expected of me. So, it’s important to find your voice within style and fashion. I give more importance to style than I do to fashion, because style is what you make of it.

Furthermore, the actress also spoke about how people may not be liking her outfits or choices on particular days but that hardly matters because most times she’s having fun. “Fashion is what is dictated to you, but most importantly you have to have fun. As long as it makes you feel confident, I mean you can look at what I’m wearing today and be like ‘Eww, what is she wearing? But I feel great, I feel confident in what I’m wearing and it’s all that matters,” added the Chhapaak actress.