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“Deepika Padukone got emotional on Karan Johar’s show, Where she is discussing about her relationship and struggles”


Deepika Padukone has recently made headlines for her candid revelations on Karan Johar’s show, where she discussed her ‘open relationship’ with Ranveer Singh before his proposal. The Bollywood diva has now delved into her past struggles, recounting the challenges she faced as a teenager in a new city. In an interview with Vogue India, Deepika shared insights into her early days, navigating both professional and personal obstacles without family or friends in a new industry. Juggling meals, transportation, and hauling her own bags, she even admitted to sleeping in a cab, causing concern for her mother’s worry about her safety.

Reflecting on that challenging period, Deepika acknowledged her growth, stating, ‘Not bad, girl! You did this, and you did it on your own,’ emphasizing the lack of time for reflection at that moment. Discussing her current dynamic with husband Ranveer Singh amid their busy schedules, she emphasized the importance of ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ in their time together. Deepika highlighted that they cherish intimate moments as a couple but also value spending time with their respective families. As the actress navigates the balancing act of her professional and personal life, she remains focused on meaningful connections. Stay tuned to Etimes for further updates and news.