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I am in favour of any kind of creativity; however the essence of the original song shouldn’t be lost: Kailash Kher on remake culture


Recreation of old songs has become a trend in recent years. Many legendary singers and musicians have expressed their views on the “remake culture”. Talking about the same singer and music composer Kailash Kher said that he is all for old songs being recreated, as long as the essence of the original song is not lost in the new version.

Kher who has been giving hit songs for nearly two decades believes that recreating old songs is not a bad idea in today’s time however the remixes should have clear lyrics and good music.

“I am in favour of any kind of creativity. I support people’s feelings and emotions and I respect what they create. However, in my opinion, the recreated versions should not be just noise. When a song is being recreated, more value should be added to it which complements whatever has been originally made. But it is important to know how much to do,” the singer said.

The “Teri Deewani” singer added, “In today’s time, things are marketing-driven and it happens that sometimes we take things for granted, and in the name of recreation, we don’t do justice to the song with regards to the sound and clarity of singing. Those things need to be taken care of and other than that I don’t see any problem in remixes.”

Music for Kailash Kher is both a source of inspiration and living “I can’t imagine my life without music. When I entered the music world in 2004, there was no one who knew and now, it is only because of music that the whole world recognises me and my work. Music has created the entire world as a family for me,” he concluded.