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“I was a 100 percent sure we had to wait for a theatrical release” John Abraham on Satyameva Jayate 2


Due of shutting down of theatres during pandemic many film makers opted for digital release of their projects. However, John Abraham was sure that his film Satyameva Jayate 2 will only release in theatres, whenever they would have reopened.

Talking about the film John said, “I was a 100 percent sure we had to wait. If we had to wait for another six months, we would have for a theatrical release, there was no other way. We were very clear.”

However, the films releasing now are facing some sort of competition with each other as with the re-opening of theatres audience is getting back to back releases every week. Satyameva Jayate 2 and Salman Khan’s Antim: The Final Truth both will be opening in theatres with barely a day’s gap.

While talking about how the clashing of these films could be prevented the 48-year-old feels filmmakers should have had a discussion to avoid this division of audiences. “I feel at least in the first six months, all films should have decided to give each other some space. But unfortunately, I also understand the reality that there are more films than space. If clashes are imminent, so be it. We can only wish well for others, that’s it,” says Abraham.

So far makers have released two trailers. The actor reveals he likes the second one better. “It is because that is the grain of the film, so I enjoyed that a lot. The songs are doing really well. Surprisingly, Jan Gan Mann has taken off more than I expected. My favorite song though is always going to be Meri Zindagi. Everything depends on whether you have audiences coming in and thankfully Sooryavanshi has opened the floodgates of that. So we hope audiences come in and get entertained,” says the actor who will be seen portraying not one or two but three characters in the film.

Mentioning how this is also the first time he plays a double role. Describing shooting the characters as ‘overwhelming’, he adds, “I initially refused to do the third role and said it’s too much for me. Then Milap (Zaveri, director) convinced me and said ‘listen, this role is very important’ and honestly, he was right. For me, that’s my best role in the film. I totally love it. Those 45 minutes in the film are beyond fantastic. Rest of the film is entertaining, fun, but that third role of a farmer takes the film to another high. You are with him and root for him. I felt overworked at times, but we enjoyed the process because Milap is a positive guy. I complain a lot, but he is optimistic so more power to him.”