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“It’s a criminal waste of time” Ravi Dubey on why he left hosting reality shows.


Actor Ravi Dubey who became a household name with his roles television shows won’t be taking up any project with infinite commitment anymore. Ravi says that he is happy with the way his career is shaping up.

The actor hasn’t been a part of daily soaps for many years now. He admits that he has consciously left it all behind because he had reached a saturation point, which is why he got into production instead.

“My show Jamaai Raja ended in February 2017. I decided I won’t be part of an infinite commitment. It was peak time for me to be a part of them; I was one hit TV show old. I felt satiated with it. I didn’t think that there is any other show which is infinite in nature and would fill me more than I am already full,” says Dubey, adding that after this, he only wanted to engage in shorter commitments.

Therefore the 37-year-old to start hosting reality shows. He did quite a few such as India’s Best Dramebaaz and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs. However, that didn’t satisfy him.

“The infinite shows make up for 90 percent of work, I left that, and in the 10 percent remaining of non-fiction shows, I decided one day that it’s a criminal waste of time in a two anchor show. To do that buffoonery, naagin dance on stage, I felt those 44 minutes you’ve to give more focus on contestants whose stories are there to be told. More attention can be given to judges rather than mindless buffoonery that goes on stage. That further limited my 10 percent,” Dubey adds.

He says that currently, he’s competing in the last percent of the ground that is showbiz. “Having said that, we’re producers, now. This is the universe telling us that you’re choosing an extremely relevant space for yourself. I need to go by my gut till the end of my life,” he concludes.