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When a photographer asked Salman Khan to just ‘catch and smooch’ Bhagyashree during a photoshoot. Here’s how Salman handled the situation.


Fans who have watched all of Salman Khan’s movies would know how he’s one of the very few actors who has never kissed on screen.

The superstar feels that his movies are meant for the entire family to sit together and watch and if he includes a kissing scene, it’ll just make things uncomfortable for a certain set of viewers. This is precisely the reason why the actor doesn’t feel the need to have a kissing scene in his movies, just for the heck of it and he continues to maintain his no-kissing policy. However, back in the day during the shoot of Maine Pyaar Kiya (1989), did you know a photographer had actually asked Salman to forcibly ‘catch and smooch’ Bhagyashree without her consent for an intimate shot?

Although in the film both Salman and Bhagyashree’s love scenes were shot aesthetically with no lip-lock, however; during a photoshoot, a certain photographer wanted to capture a rather intense shot. He wanted an impromptu shot of Salman smooching Bhagyashree.

In an interview Bhagyashree recalled this ‘unpleasent’ incident and further mentioned how Salman’s response was enough to make her feel ‘safe’ and comforable despite being a newcomer.

“There was a very popular photographer back then, who is no more,” says Bhaygashree insisting that she would not like to name him. “He wanted to take some not-so-complimentary photographs of Salman and me some sort of “hot” photographs. So, he took Salman aside and told him, ‘Main jab camera set up karunga (When I set up the camera), you just catch her and smooch her.’ All of us were new-comers and this photographer thought he had the liberty to do something like that. Back then, smooching scenes were not prevalent. I don’t think he or Salman knew that I was standing by very close and could hear every word. For a second, I remained shocked, but just then, I heard Salman say, ‘I am not going to do anything of that sort. If you want any pose like that, you need to ask Bhagyashree.’ I really respected Salman’s response, and that’s when I realised I was among safe people.”

On the work font Bhagyashree will be seen making a comeback to the movies with Prabhas 20 and Kangana Ranaut’s Thalaivi. The actress is super excited to return to the movies.