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Izhaar is all set to unveil their new collection at Jet Set Wed Exhibition


Izhaar gifting by Ruchita Bansal is all set to introduce their new collection for the very first time in Ahmedabad at the 3rd series of Jet Set Wed Exhibition on Thursday, 12th Dec, 2019.

Unveiling the best of the best, this collection will make you stop and stare. With an idea to move away from the usual, Izhaar will be showcasing a stunning section. All the glitz and glam from the gifting world is here to sweep you off your feet. Get introduced to Izhaar’s handpicked range designed to ornate the celebration in pure excellence. The collection is very mystical, auspicious, luxurious, unique. To reflect the grandeur of your occasion, Izhaar pick the trendiest ingredients to create your dream.

So grab a cuppa tea or coffee and have a look through Izhaar’s beautiful collection and take the first step to perfecting your special occasion!

Title of the exhibition: Izhaar is all set to unveil their new collection at Jet Set Wed Exhibition in Ahmedabad

Dates: Thursday, 12th December 2019

Timing: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Venue: The Bohemian, Shop 14, First Floor, Privilon Behind ISKCON Temple, Gujarat 380059, India

Each creation by Ruchita Bansal at “Izhaar” is a handcrafted work of art, designed by her and brought to life by a team of artisans at her workshop in New Delhi. “Am proud to present Izhaar! We are all about celebrations of unbridled happiness, superlative achievements, joyous togetherness, and momentous occasions. Originality & Creativity is our core passion so that our clients can present a specially created expression of their feelings”, says Ruchita.

About Izhaar

Izhaar is an Expression of Joy. It’s a celebration of unbridled happiness, superlative achievements, togetherness and momentous occasions. Here we rejoice this feeling by foiling one’s emotions with our artistry and craftsmanship. We endeavor to give expression to your feelings with artistry, craftsmanship and creativity and an obsessive passion for color, form and above all originality. The aesthetic beauty of these favors pleases the eye.