Today, Jacqueline Fernandez uploaded a mysterious message on social media, where she has a sizable fan base. The post appears to have garnered interest. The actress, who most recently appeared in Vikrant Rona, posted a letter with the message “dear me.”

The actress was recently implicated in a Sukesh Chandrashekar-related case of extortion involving 200 crore rupees, leading to the publication of this article. Jacqueline Fernandez submitted a self-motivating video on her Instagram account with the message “Dear Me.” The post read, “Dear me, I deserve all good things, I’m powerful, I accept myself, it’ll all be okay. I’m strong, I will achieve my goals and dreams, I can do it.”

In a charge sheet that was issued earlier in the day, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) listed Jacqueline Fernandez as one of the defendants in the money laundering case involving Sukesh Chandrashekar. The charge sheet further said that the actress’ name was included following a careful examination of the money flow.

The actress has refuted every accusation and added that she was not aware of Sukesh and Pinky’s involvement in illegal activities. The actress was allegedly conscious that the presents she got were from the proceeds of the extortion, according to the ED’s statement, which is currently the subject of reports.

Speaking of the case, so far eight individuals have been detained, including Sukesh’s wife Leena Maria Paul.