In the wake of the controversy surrounding Nupur Sharma’s remarks about Prophet Muhammad, bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut expressed her support for suspended Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader, saying that she was “entitled to her opinions.”

Kangana condemned death threats against Nupur Sharma on her official Instagram account, and urged people to take legal action if they wanted her to be held accountable for any statement that she had made against Prophet during a TV debate a few days ago.

“Nupur is entitled to her opinions, I see all kinds of threats targeted at her, when Hindu Gods are insulted which they are almost every day we go to court, pls do that no need to play dons yourself…(sic),” she writes in her Instagram story.

“….this is not Afghanistan, we government which is chosen with a process called democracy… just a reminder for those who keep forgetting,” Kangana further added.

Kangana’s remarks came amid widespread outrage in West Asian countries over two former BJP officials’ controversial remarks about Prophet Muhammad.

Several Gulf countries have summoned Indian ambassadors in response to the anti-Muslim remarks.

Meanwhile, Nupur Sharma and her family have been given security by the Delhi Police after a FIR was filed on a grievance that she was receiving death threats as a result of her controversial remarks about the Prophet.

She had asked the police provide the security because she had been harassed and threatened.