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Kartik Aaryan begins his next journey


Actor of Bhool Bhulaiya 2 and Sonu ki titu ki sweety is now about to give another hit in the Bollywood industry. Kartik Aaryan’s recent movie Bhool bhulaiya 2 is loved by every audience. Bhool bhulaiya 2 is the sequel of Bhool bhulaiya (2007) featured by Akshay Kumar as a psychiatrist. Kartik Aaryan has continued his role in the 2nd sequel. His acting in “mere dholna sun” entered the hype city. Kartik is doing all the tables turned when it comes to his acting. He gives every sweat and pain to the roles that have been given to him.

In his recent update, he is seen with Sameer vidwans, Shareen mantri kedia and Karan sharma, the director and producer of Satyaprem Ki Katha. On 4th August Kartik shared a selfie on social media in which he was attending the script reading session. He told his fans that the preparation is now live. 

Kartik was seen in a white T-shirt holding the script of his movie. Behind him, the film’s crew were seen chatting with each other. He captioned his photograph, “Satyaprem ki Katha”. He tagged his director and the producer too. 

Kartik is accompanied by Kiara Advani who was also in bhool bhulaiya 2. Their movie is switched from “Satyanarayan ki katha” to “satyaprem ki katha