Home Entertainment “MBA Graduate Heads Call Centre Scam Targeting US Citizens in Ghaziabad”

“MBA Graduate Heads Call Centre Scam Targeting US Citizens in Ghaziabad”


In a recent operation, a collaboration between the special task force and Noida police resulted in the apprehension of 24 individuals involved in a call centre scam operating from a flat in Bisrakh, Ghaziabad. The mastermind behind the fraudulent activities was identified as Ankur Gupta, an MBA graduate who led the gang.

Operating out of Mahagun Mywoods and another office in Indirapuram, the gang utilized information obtained from the dark web, including phone numbers and insurance records of US citizens. The modus operandi involved making random calls, deceiving individuals by offering policy renewals or technical assistance for electronic devices.

Victims seeking technical help online were prompted to dial specific numbers, subsequently routed to the call centres in Bisrakh and Indirapuram. The fraudsters coerced targets into making payments in dollars, later converting the funds into Bitcoins before disappearing without a trace.

Police revealed that Ankur and his team executed approximately 1,500 calls daily, accumulating an illicit income of around Rs 10 lakh from the elaborate scheme. The arrested individuals now face legal consequences for their involvement in this cross-border scam that exploited unsuspecting US citizens.