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Mira Rajput reveals her best friend had a crush on Shahid Kapoor


Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor are one of bollywood’s most adorable couples. The couples pictures and family moments are loved by fans. In a recent interview while talking about Shahid Kapoor, Mira got candid about watching Shahid’s films. When asked if she has any memory attached to Shahid’s first film Ishq Vishq which released in 2003.

Mira answered, “I think it’s been what 20 years for Ishq Vishq. So I was 7. I was a kid in school. I don’t really remember where I was when Ishq Vishq released. I remember categorically this ‘chocolate boy’ term being coined.”  

Since many teenage girls had a crush on Shahid, when asked if Mira did too she answered, “You know my best friend had a crush on Shahid. When I told her this (marriage) is happening, she was like ‘Oh My God’. She used to tell me before also that she has a crush on Shahid. Obviously, it didn’t strike me because he was nowhere in my life at that time. But she was like, “Do you know I had a crush on him when I was in school?” Because we were college friends. And it was fun. We still laugh about it. I just met her yesterday. She, her husband, me and Shahid we were all together. It was fun.”  Mira also revealed that she likes watching her husband’s old movies “I think I’ve really begun to enjoy watching his old movies now. One of his favourite movies of mine is Chup Chup Ke. I don’t know why he keeps hiding away from that but I love that movie,” she concludes.