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Muzammil Mumtaz Shares His Views On The Future Of Digital PR


Digital Media has turned into an important player in the PR  field and it is important for start-ups and small scale businesses to realize its true and massive potential. In times of the Covid pandemic, creative marketing on the digital ecosystem holds key to the success of businesses. Small and medium enterprises especially need professional assistance to meet the unprecedented challenges posed by the global pandemic.

Foreseeing the future for Digital PR  in the years that follow, Digital PR consultant and expert, Muzammil Mumtaz has come up with various plans to make Digital PR  the ultimate solution for all marketing related solutions. According to this 24 year old marketing strategist, every business needs a unique marketing approach to run a business that makes them stand out against their competitors. His approach to marketing on various digital platform is centered on customer experience and how to efficiently respond to the needs and backgrounds of people who are looking to buy or invest.

He says, “Nowadays, clients are interested in companies that actually know them and have established a personalized interaction in order to respond to their anticipated needs. This is exactly where the advantage of Digital PR comes in to initiate a lasting customer relationship with the companies. This type of conversational marketing facilitates a one-to-one, real-time connection between marketers and customers. This will help make the companies be available across a broad spectrum of channels.”

He also expresses his concern over the importance of social media apps and how it has changed the scene for Digital PR . The most recent trend being the focus on influencer marketing. Observ Muzammil Mumtaz that, “Consumers trust influencers opinions of products much more than what brands say about themselves. There have been several instances of rise in sale by recommendations through various influencers.”

Moreover, these change in trends over the years had influenced Muzammil  as an emerging Digital PR consultant. It in fact provided him with an idea about the high chance and probabilities to the future of Digital PR With his first few years as a freelance Consultant, he welcomed criticisms and rectified his faults which later have way to the setting up of his first Digital PR company, he was able to draw influence from working with various celebrities from the brands, business companies and Bollywood celebrities.