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Best selling Author Dr. Aditya R. Nighhot’s Book ‘Until Love Sets Us Apart’ Release in Sri Lanka!


Dr. Aditya R. Nighhot who holds an MBBS degree is also a bestselling romance author, a passionate photographer, a man who loves reading, and who is fond of music.

He holds the ability to impact youngsters to believe and fall in love with his writings. Aditya’s first novel was U n Me…It’s Complicated was written as a hobby with a limited print run for his friends and families.

After getting positive reviews from his readers, he was encouraged to pursue further writing and wrote the bestseller, ‘UNTIL LOVE SETS US APART: TO LOVE WITH LOVE’.

Dr. Aditya R. Nighhot is mainly known for his contemporary romantic novels, and people praise him as his writings describe love with emotions that connect people to their own lives through his words. His novels have not only made a name for him nationally but also Internationally. With the book’s successes, Aditya has also been awarded for the ‘BEST ROMANCE BOOK OF THE YEAR’ for his book ‘UNTIL LOVE SETS US APART: TO LOVE WITH LOVE‘.  Originally published in 2018 by FINGERPRINT! Publishing house, readers were in love with the storyline which portrays how opposites attract. This is a  story about Aisha &  Rohit who are like chalk and cheese. While Rohit is completely aimless and imperfect, Aisha is more focused and a perfectionist. Just two opposites falling for each other! The eye-catchy story feels real and relatable to the readers. The book is already available in the  English and Hindi languages. After its stupendous success, regional publishers have started showing interest in releasing the book in other languages. Muses publishing house, a leading publishing house from Sri Lanka has acquired the Sinhalese language rights of the book. The Author announced the same on his Instagram account and we are excited about the book’s launch.

Recently Dr. Aditya R. Nighhot also received the ‘YOUNG ACHIEVER AWARD’ for his contribution in writing. Aditya’s next new book UNHOOKED & UNBOOKED has also been released. His novel characters’ are believed to be based on real-life characters. Apart from this, Aditya is also working on a few scripts for a  production house. Aditya is very active on social media platforms.  He loves interacting with his readers and fans. Aditya is hitting the purple patch of his career. We are excited, are you?