Home Entertainment Netflix’s “Animal” Release Draws Mixed Reactions as Fans Express Disappointment

Netflix’s “Animal” Release Draws Mixed Reactions as Fans Express Disappointment


The much-anticipated release of “Animal” on Netflix has sparked a range of reactions from fans, with a notable segment expressing disappointment over the absence of a pivotal scene. Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the film features Ranbir Kapoor and other prominent stars in lead roles.

Netflix's "Animal" Release Draws Mixed Reactions as Fans Express Disappointment

While fans eagerly awaited the on-screen chemistry and intensity associated with Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s directorial ventures, particularly after the success of “Kabir Singh,” some expressed their discontent on social media. The disappointment seems to revolve around the absence of a kissing scene involving Ranbir Kapoor and the female lead, leaving fans yearning for the trademark romantic moments associated with Vanga’s previous works.

As “Animal” makes its debut on the OTT platform, Netflix, the reactions have been a mix of excitement and letdown. Fans had anticipated a certain level of intensity and passion in line with the director’s signature style. However, the absence of the expected kiss has left some feeling unfulfilled, with social media buzzing with discussions on the matter.

Despite the disappointment expressed by a segment of the audience, it is important to note that reactions to films are subjective, and opinions may vary widely. The film, with its ensemble cast and Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s distinct storytelling, is expected to garner diverse reviews as more viewers experience it on the streaming platform.

As the streaming era continues to redefine audience engagement with films, the discussion around “Animal” on social media reflects the immediate impact and influence that fan expectations and reactions can have on the reception of a movie, particularly when it comes to highly-anticipated releases on platforms like Netflix.