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“Ranveer Singh and Kriti Sanon Grace the Ramp at Varanasi’s Namo Ghat in Fashion Extravaganza”


A glamorous spectacle unfolded at Varanasi’s Namo Ghat as Bollywood stars Ranveer Singh and Kriti Sanon took center stage at a special fashion event curated by renowned designer Manish Malhotra. The enchanting evening, held against the picturesque backdrop of the historic ghat, witnessed the duo mesmerize as showstoppers.

"Ranveer Singh and Kriti Sanon Grace the Ramp at Varanasi's Namo Ghat in Fashion Extravaganza"

In captivating videos that swiftly went viral, Ranveer Singh exuded regal charm donning a majestic kurta paired with traditional dhoti and adorned with a striking dupatta. Complementing his aura, Kriti Sanon graced the ramp in a resplendent red lehenga, elegantly styled with a stunning dupatta, capturing attention with her timeless allure.

The event not only showcased the allure of fashion but also aimed at celebrating the rich heritage of Varanasi, renowned for its intricate handicrafts and handlooms. Emphasizing the exquisite Banarasi weaves, the fashion extravaganza spotlighted the craftsmanship synonymous with the city’s cultural legacy.

Amidst the glitz and glamour, Ranveer Singh’s charismatic presence extended beyond the ramp as he indulged in capturing moments with fellow models, adding an extra touch of camaraderie to the event.

With its blend of haute couture and cultural reverence, the fashion showcase at Varanasi’s Namo Ghat served as a testament to the city’s timeless elegance and the enduring allure of Indian craftsmanship on a global platform.