Home Entertainment Ranveer Singh Exhibits Wedding Band Following Instagram Stir

Ranveer Singh Exhibits Wedding Band Following Instagram Stir


Ranveer Singh, the luminary of Indian cinema, has ignited a whirlwind of speculation in recent days with his decision to remove all traces of his marital bliss with Deepika Padukone from his Instagram feed. This surprising move has left fans and media alike abuzz with curiosity. However, amidst the virtual storm, Singh made a public appearance at a prestigious event in Mumbai where he proudly flaunted his wedding band, sending ripples of intrigue through the entertainment world.

Ranveer Singh Exhibits Wedding Band Following Instagram Stir

The Bollywood heartthrob didn’t shy away from spotlighting the significance of his matrimonial and engagement rings, referring to them as his “most treasured possessions” during an exclusive conversation with Vogue India. “Among my prized belongings, one holds an unparalleled sentimental value – my wedding ring, a symbol of love bestowed upon me by my beloved wife,” Singh expressed. “Another cherished piece is my platinum engagement ring, marking a significant milestone in my journey of love. Furthermore, I hold dear to my heart my mother’s diamond earrings and my grandmother’s pearls, each carrying profound sentimental significance.”

As the public continues to speculate about the motives behind Singh’s social media purge, his poignant display of affection through his cherished jewelry serves as a reminder of the enduring power of love and familial bonds in the face of public scrutiny.