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Salaar: 10-Day Global Box Office Report Reveals Disappointing Second Weekend


The highly anticipated Pan Indian action drama “Salaar,” starring Prabhas and directed by Prashanth Neel, faced a lackluster second weekend at the box office, marking a surprising downturn in its performance after an impressive initial weekend. The film, which had generated high expectations, failed to sustain its momentum, resulting in a disappointing box office run during its first ten days.


Contrary to predictions, Salaar did not experience a significant surge in viewership across languages during its second weekend. In Telugu, the movie garnered a total gross of approximately 192 Crores over the span of 10 days. The film’s performance in Tamil Nadu saw a gross of around 20 Crores, while in Kerala, it reached 15.5 Crores. Karnataka contributed a gross of 39 Crores to the film’s overall box office collections.

The North India gross for Salaar is estimated to be around 135 Crores, bringing the total all-India gross to 402 Crores. The overseas gross stands at approximately 115 Crores, resulting in a cumulative worldwide gross of 517 Crores.

The overall box office figures, however, indicate an underperformance for Salaar. Despite pre-release expectations that positioned the movie as a potential record-breaker in Indian cinema for 2023, it now faces the reality that surpassing Rajinikanth’s “Jailer,” which boasts a gross of 625 Crores, seems unattainable.

The subdued second-weekend performance has raised questions about Salaar’s ability to secure its place as South India’s biggest grosser. The film’s journey at the box office reflects the unpredictable nature of audience reception, and despite its star-studded cast and directorial prowess, Salaar falls short of the anticipated blockbuster success.