Home Entertainment Is SALMAN KHAN the next target? Amid reported death threats.

Is SALMAN KHAN the next target? Amid reported death threats.


Dabangg is getting death threats now. Recently purchased 1.50 crore TOYOTA LAND CRUISE, a bulletproof car for his safety. Not only this, Bhai attained his arms licence too when met Mumbai police commissioner Vivek Phansalkar. After getting the threat letters, he applied for self-protection and got security on his demand.

Back then, actor Salman and his team were seen at Mumbai airport in the brand new bulletproof Land cruise. He was stepping out of the car with his bodyguard Shera accompanied by a couple of more security personnel. After watching Dabangg getting out of the car, the fans have added one new adjective to him, SWAG. No doubt, bhaijaan is a favourite to all.

Salman khan and his father Salim khan got threats in June just after the Siddhumoosewala was shot dead on May 29. Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who is allegedly the mastermind behind the killing of Moosewala, had issued a threat to Salman Khan.

Bhaijaan had donated 25 Cr. directly to the bank account during the lockdown. A social media user also lauded Salman’s active involvement in charity as they replied, “Alag level ka person h yaar ye. It has been shown in previous years that Salman was always on the top when it comes to charity.