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Chocolate Protein Gelato Shake by Giani Ice Cream


Giani Ice Cream is excited to introduce its latest indulgent treat, the Chocolate Protein Gelato Shake, a completely vegetarian delight. Packed with an impressive 18.6 grams of whey protein per 300 ml serving, this scrumptious option promises a blend of health and deliciousness.

This newly unveiled shake boasts the signature rich and creamy texture that Giani is famous for, enhanced with the goodness of protein, offering a guilt-free pleasure. What sets this shake apart is its unique composition – it’s free from added sugars. Giani has chosen to sweeten this delectable creation with stevia, a natural and calorie-free sweetener.The Chocolate Protein Gelato Shake is meticulously prepared using only the finest ingredients, offering a delightful fusion of chocolate flavor and a luxuriously smooth and creamy texture. Whether you’re looking to replenish after a workout or simply craving a sweet escape, Giani Ice Cream’s latest offering is the perfect choice for health-conscious individuals seeking to satisfy their desires.

Availability- All Giani Outlets

Special Price- Rs 270 including GST