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Shah Rukh Khan Expresses Joy Over Son Abram’s Heartwarming Recreation of Iconic Pose


In a delightful moment that captured the hearts of fans, Shah Rukh Khan’s youngest son, AbRam Khan, recently recreated his father’s iconic pose during his school’s annual function. The heartwarming gesture didn’t go unnoticed, and during Shah Rukh Khan’s recent AskSRK session with fans, one enthusiast couldn’t resist inquiring about the actor’s reaction to his son’s charming performance.

A fan presented a collage featuring a snapshot of AbRam from his school event and a corresponding image of Shah Rukh Khan from his upcoming film, Dunki. The duo was seen striking a similar pose, prompting the fan to comment, “say something about this, AbRam is growing so fast MashaAllah.”

Shah Rukh Khan, evidently a proud father, responded promptly with a touch of humor, “Ha ha our whole family loves hugs!! What to do now.” The actor’s affectionate acknowledgment not only showcased the familial bond but also highlighted the shared love for warm embraces within the Khan household.

The heartening exchange between Shah Rukh Khan and the fan has further endeared the superstar to his admirers, providing a glimpse into the cherished moments of family joy. As AbRam continues to grow, these instances of him mirroring his father’s gestures serve as delightful reminders of the special connection shared within the Khan family.