On Monday (4th June), Kangana Ranaut showed up in court in Mumbai in relation to a defamation lawsuit that Bollywood song writer Javed Akhtar had brought against her.

The actress, who was in the courtroom with her sister Rangoli Chandel, claimed that Akhtar had demanded her to apologise to Hrithik Roshan for an earlier incident.

Akhtar got upset by her refusal, and in retaliation, he belittled her modesty.

The actress also claimed that Akhtar threatened her, claiming that if Kangana does not apologise, to the influential Roshan Family, which has strong connections with the government, will put her in prison.

According to a report in India Today, Kangna Ranaut quotes saying:

“We won’t waste time putting up impostors; once the public realises that you had an affair with impostors rather than Hrithik, your image will be tarnished and you won’t have a choice but to commit suicide due to the widespread public infamy.”

She continued saying that Akhtar threatened her by saying that, “they have all the ministries, but we have proof. Apologize and save yourself. A girl from a respectable family will be consumed by shame. Don’t insist if you lack the shame to preserve your honour.”

Kangana claimed in her statement that Akhtar had driven her to consider suicide and disturbed her mind.

She also claimed that in order to tarnish her reputation, Akhtar “forced Ranaut to tender a written apology to the co-star,” which she called “extortion of an apology.”