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Shehla Rashid Commends Film “Article 370” for its Harmonious Depiction of Article 370’s Repeal


In a noteworthy endorsement, former JNU student Shehla Rashid has praised the film “Article 370” for its portrayal of the bloodless removal of Article 370 without causing disharmony. She specifically commended the film’s casting choices, action sequences, and the depiction of strong female characters.

Shehla Rashid Commends Film "Article 370" for its Harmonious Depiction of Article 370's Repeal

The movie, which captures the sensitive subject of the abrogation of Article 370, has caught the attention of Shehla Rashid, known for her views on social and political issues. Her appreciation extends to the filmmakers for presenting a narrative that highlights the removal of Article 370 in a manner that is both gripping and devoid of discord.

Shehla Rashid highlighted the film’s notable attributes, including the well-thought-out cast, impactful action sequences, and the portrayal of strong female characters, which she sees as contributing to the overall success of “Article 370.”

As discussions surrounding the film continue to evolve, Shehla Rashid’s positive endorsement adds another layer of significance to “Article 370,” drawing attention to its cinematic merits and its handling of a complex socio-political narrative.