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Surprise Unveiled: Fans Stunned by Vicky Jain’s Post-Bigg Boss 17 Eviction Romantic Photo


In the wake of his recent eviction from the Bigg Boss 17 house, Vicky Jain hosted a celebratory gathering at his residence, marking the end of his journey on the reality show. While numerous pictures from the party circulated on social media, featuring Vicky alongside Isha Malviya, Ayesha Khan, and Sana Khan, a newfound photo has surfaced, causing a stir among Ankita Lokhande’s admirers.

Surprise Unveiled: Fans Stunned by Vicky Jain's Post-Bigg Boss 17 Eviction Romantic Photo

The unexpected image, posted on influencer-actress Purva Rana’s Instagram handle, showcases Vicky Jain and the evicted Bigg Boss 17 contestant posing intimately. In the snapshot, Jain is seen holding Rana close, and both sport radiant smiles for the camera. This revelation has left fans of the Pavitra Rishta actress in a state of shock and curiosity.

The viral photo has ignited discussions and speculations among Ankita Lokhande’s followers, prompting them to delve into the nature of Vicky Jain’s camaraderie with Purva Rana. As the image continues to circulate across social media platforms, fans are expressing their surprise and seeking more insights into the dynamics between the two.

While Vicky’s post-eviction celebrations have been a subject of interest, this newfound romantic photo has added an unexpected twist to the narrative. Fans are now eager to unravel the details behind the candid moment captured between Vicky Jain and Purva Rana, as speculation and anticipation heighten within the virtual realm.

As the buzz around this revelation escalates, followers of Ankita Lokhande are keenly watching for any clarifications or responses from the individuals involved. The unexpected turn of events post-Bigg Boss 17 eviction has undeniably injected a dose of intrigue into the ongoing saga, leaving fans eagerly awaiting further developments in this unfolding social media sensation.