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Watch: The viral Pakistani cricket fans want this Bollywood superstar to watch their interview. Hindi Movie News



While the ongoing World Cup fever has gripped the people in the world, the recent defeat of the Pakistani team in the hands of the Indian team has given rise to an altogether different frenzy among the fans. However, that has not been limited to the Indian fans alone and the latest video of Pakistani fans on a rant after losing is proof!
Now, the two fans have, in an interview, come out and explained why he got out on a heartbreaking rant after Pakistan's defeat in the World Cup. In the video, Momin said that the fans invested in time and energy and go out to support their favorite team and that it hurts when the team loses without a good fight.

He added also that in a bid to not miss out on any action, the dedicated cricket lovers sacrificed on paranthas and other irresistible cuisines that could lead to a potential stomach upset. He is also averred that he is also following a strict sleep pattern.

They also claimed that their rant video was shared by many celebrities including Pakistani actress Mahira Khan and Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan However, there is a person they say they will watch their interview and react and it is none other than Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan .

Momin then also mimics the Baadshah of Bollywood's assessment of his interview.

Watch the video here: