YouTube has taken down SYL, the most recent song by Sidhu Moosewala that was made public after his death.

The song raises a number of issues, including militant Sikhs, undivided Punjab, the 1984 Sikh Riots, farmer laws, and the raising of the Sikh flag at the Red Fort during farmer protest.

The new song was released on YouTube on Friday, June 23, by music producer MXRCI. It was composed and written by Sidhu Moose Wala before he was shot to death in May.

The message that appears when you click on the link now reads, “This content is not available on this country domain due to legal complaint from the government” and the video is no longer accessible.

The music video contains images of several militants, including Bhindranwala and Balwinder Singh Jatana, who is alleged to have been a member of the pro-Khalistan Babbar Khalsa and was charged with the murders of Chief engineer M.L. Sikri and Superintendent engineer A.S. Aulakh at the SYL office in Chandigarh on July 23, 1990.

While Haryana has been pushing for the completion of the canal in order to receive its share of the water from the Ravi-Beas river, Punjab has really been demanding a reevaluation of its share.

SYL, like the majority of Sidhu’s songs, not only became an immediate hit but also got into controversy. Although the late singer was killed on May 29, the song was supposed to release before the Operation Blue Star anniversary.

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