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Taapsee Pannu defends her film ‘Haseen Dillruba’ from critics


Taapsee Pannu’s Haseen Dillruba and Chris Pratt’s The Tomorrow War were released on the OTT platforms on the same day. Even though both the films are very different from each other, first one being a romantic thriller and latter being an action film they are being compared by critics.

Taapsee has been very vocal about the negative reviews received by her movie, Haseen Dillruba. She tweeted that the Hollywood releases are favoured by critics.

When a journalist tweeted how critics have not seen any merit in ‘very original and provocative Haseena Dillruba’, but ‘are smitten by the godawful super- crappy creepily contrived’ The Tomorrow War. Taapsee Pannu replied to him, tweeting, “Sir Hollywood hai na , sab chalta hai (Sir, it’s Hollywood everything it valid). It’s always aspirational regardless of the flaws. Yahan hum jitna marzi experiment kar le (Here, not matter how much we experiment) it always falls short and more so we look ‘redundant’ to them no matter what we do. Maybe working out of LA will help.”

Taapsee also clapped back to a particular review which criticised her performance in the movie. ‘Taapsee’s delivery is exactly the same in her films: only the costumes change,’ read the tweet. The actor retweeted a tweet with abusive language directed at the film critic and later defended her repost, saying that the critic was taking ‘personal digs’ at her.

When asked by several twitter user that why did she believed the dig was personal, she replied “They should review THE FILM and the CHARACTERS not take personal digs at people who portray those characters and assess n judge their career choices in a film review. Audience has a brain of their own let them decide what they like.”

When another journalist asked Taapsee not to get defensive on a critic’s opinion of her performance, she replied, “For a person who got success n failure both in the first 3 years of my acting career it’s hard to get carried away but I shall keep that advice in mind and It’s deep hurt when it comes from channels u thought were more credible than cheap trolling reviews.”

“But a credible space given to someone who considers it movie reviewing to pull down a particular actor by that nasty statement directed towards her personal choice of roles. And giving my career her assessment is not done in right spirit of movie reviewing.” She added.

Many critics highlighted the glorification of toxic masculine love in the film.

Meanwhile many critics even highlighted the glorification of toxic masculine love in the film.

But according to Taapsee “If we want films to not reflect the society we live in and constantly present what is the ideal world to be in then I think we should stop raising voice against all those powers too that suppress the voice of cinema when reality is projected.”

The actress also defended her character Rani saying. “Rani is not someone who can be made to believe anything she doesn’t feel is ok for her. She wasn’t a character that got swayed away easily by anyone’s ideology, she made her own, she always had a choice.”

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