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The finalist of Indian Idol 4,  Priyanka Negi gets candid about her music journey.

Priyanka Negi

Priyanka Negi is a soulful diva who’s power-packed performances has made her a heartthrob of live stage shows and concerts. The finalist of Indian Idol 4 rules the hearts of millions of music lovers with her versatile singing, charismatic aura and crowd pleasing performances.Entire world felt her enigmatic presence when she represented India at an international singing competition ‘Asian Wave’ held in Shanghai, China. And became the only female singer to win two prestigious awards (Pioneer of India Award and Top 10 Award)
among top singers from 10 different countries.
This Music sensation who has Performed 1500+ live shows worldwide,  opened up about her musical journey in a recent interview with Pkg lifestyle news.
Priyanka Negi tells that she started singing at a very young age but never thought of it as a profession. We all know that she was the finalist of  Indian Idol season 4. But Priyanka tells that it was season 3 of Indian Idol which started her musical journey. Without any professional training she was able to make her spot among the Top 40 contestants of Season 3. Her parents realised that she has exceptional singing talent and therefore sent her to Delhi where she received the teachings and blessings of her Guruji Shri Aniruddha Pandey. Who is founder of Sangeet Vandana, Institute of Singing and Performing Arts. Talking about the difference while performing live in concerts and recording in studio Priyanka tells that during live performance you can connect with the audience,  exchange energy and get the feedback live. But   during studio records you have to wait for the feedback. But you also get a chance to experiment with a lot of things. And as an artist she enjoys singing both the ways.

She believes that Social media has transformed the music industry. It has provided  a huge opportunity to the artists to showcase their talent. Now they don’t need any label to release their song they can start their own channel. Giving an example she told that she collaborated with bahrain rapstar Hotline for the hit song “Kala Joda” through Instagram. Priyanka has also collaborated with established names in the Bollywood industry which include musical maestros like Sachin-Jigar, Sajid-Wajid, Lalit Pandit, Arko Mukherjee, Amjad Nadeem, Sachin Gupta, Raj Ashoo, Jackie Vanvari, Kashi Kashyap and more. And it’s her dream to work with the legendary AR. Rahman. When asked to share a few tips on healthy and happy lifestyle she says that “one must know his body” and should eat and workout accordingly. Talking about fashion trends Priyanka says that fashion and style is something which is within us. Whatever you wear you should have confidence to carry it. She concluded the interview by sharing the mantra of her success she tells that whatever  you are doing you should be passionate about it. If what you are doing makes you happy it will definitely make you successful.