Home Entertainment “Tiger 3 Struggles to Roar: Box Office Numbers Raise Concerns”

“Tiger 3 Struggles to Roar: Box Office Numbers Raise Concerns”


In its seventh day at the Box Office, Salman Khan’s blockbuster film, Tiger 3, has amassed ₹217.90 crore. Despite the seemingly impressive figure, the movie, with a hefty budget of ₹300 crore, is yet to break even after completing its first week in theaters.

Tiger 3 encountered a varied response since its release, kicking off with a robust opening day of ₹44.5 crore, showcasing significant popularity, especially in Hindi territories where it raked in ₹43 crore. The Telugu and Tamil versions contributed ₹1.3 crore and ₹20 lakh, respectively, on the opening day.

The film experienced a surge on its first Monday, witnessing a notable increase of 33.15% from Day 1, with Hindi collections peaking at ₹58 crore. However, as the weekdays unfolded, a downward trend emerged. The first Tuesday saw a 25.23% decrease with a collection of ₹44.3 crore, and the first Wednesday experienced a sharper decline of 52.37%, generating ₹21.1 crore. Despite the dip, Thursday’s collection stabilized at ₹18.5 crore, hinting at a consistent viewership pattern.

The overall Week 1 collection stood strong at ₹187.65 crore, emphasizing the film’s initial success. The second weekend started with a Friday collection of ₹13.25 crore, down by 28.38% compared to Thursday. Early estimates for Saturday suggest a collection of ₹17 crore, indicating a potential weekend boost.

The critical question arises: Is Tiger 3 a Box Office disaster? Despite crossing ₹200 crore, the film falls short of breaking even, considering its hefty budget of ₹300 crore. In comparison, the previous installment, Tiger Zinda Hai, with a budget of ₹150 crore (excluding Salman’s fees), earned ₹339.16 crore in India. As per industry analysts, while there’s still time for Tiger 3 to recover, surpassing the budget seems unlikely, raising concerns about its Box Office performance.