Home Entertainment “Uttarakhand Authorities Seek Assistance from Thai Rescuers for Tunnel Operation”

“Uttarakhand Authorities Seek Assistance from Thai Rescuers for Tunnel Operation”


In the ongoing efforts to rescue 40 individuals stranded in an under-construction tunnel in Uttarakhand, officials have reached out to the Thai company renowned for their successful 2018 operation to save a junior football team trapped in a flooded cave. The Uttarakhand government’s public relations department confirmed the communication with the Thai experts who orchestrated the daring rescue of 12 boys and their coach from the Tham Luang cave complex. The footballers and their coach, initially feared dead, were discovered by British cave divers on July 2, 2018, after being trapped for over two weeks due to heavy rains flooding the cave complex in northern Thailand.

The Tham Luang cave rescue involved a collaborative effort of around 10,000 Thai and international volunteers facing significant logistical challenges. The operation captured global attention with its suspenseful twists and turns, culminating in the successful retrieval of the stranded individuals from a deep chamber four kilometers from the cave entrance. As Uttarakhand authorities grapple with the delicate and demanding task of rescuing those trapped in the under-construction tunnel, the experience and expertise of the Thai rescuers are being sought to navigate this challenging situation.