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“Viral Video Sparks Controversy: Ankita Lokhande’s Mother Speaks Out on Vicky Jain’s Actions”


In the latest buzz surrounding the high-profile couple Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain, a video capturing a heated moment between them has set social media abuzz. The clip, which allegedly shows Vicky Jain attempting to slap his wife Ankita, has stirred a wave of opinions and criticism across the Internet.

"Viral Video Sparks Controversy: Ankita Lokhande's Mother Speaks Out on Vicky Jain's Actions"

The duo, who are currently making headlines as contestants on ‘Bigg Boss 17,’ have been known for their roller-coaster relationship, marked by both affectionate gestures and intense arguments. This recent incident, however, has escalated the attention on their personal dynamics.

Amidst the online condemnation directed at Vicky Jain for his apparent aggression, Ankita Lokhande’s mother, Vandana, has stepped forward to share her perspective on the matter. In a surprising turn of events, rather than joining the chorus of criticism, Ankita’s mother has come to the defense of her son-in-law.

The video in question has ignited discussions about the nature of the couple’s relationship, prompting followers to question the dynamics that unfold within the confines of the ‘Bigg Boss 17’ house. The controversy has further fueled the ongoing fascination with Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s journey on the reality show.

As the social media storm continues, Ankita Lokhande’s mother’s reaction has added an unexpected twist to the unfolding drama. The conflicting views on the viral video now leave fans and critics alike curious about the intricacies of the couple’s relationship and how it will impact their journey on ‘Bigg Boss 17.’

The incident sheds light on the thin line between reality and drama in the world of reality television, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the next developments in Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s tumultuous journey on the show.