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Mithilesh Chaturvedi has seen heaven.


Brilliant actor of bollywood, Mithilesh Chaturvedi has left us with heavy eyes on August 3’2022. He has given us a lot of fantastic movies which nobody can forget. His television shows like neeli chhatri wale, kayamat and so on are still alive in the TV industry. It has been seen that he had suffered from heart ailment and was dealing with it for a long time. He had been shifted to Lucknow for his better treatment but died after a cardiac arrest. 

The news was presented by his son-in-law, Ashish Chaturvedi who shared his loss on facebook by saying; You have been the best father, you have never treated me as just your son-in-law but as your son, you have always given me that love, may god bless your soul. 

Not only him, but so many filmmakers and social media users shared RIP and condolences on their social media.

Everyone out there in the film industry is feeling a heavy loss after his death. Mithilesh Chaturvedi will live in everyone’s heart especially children who love movies like krrish, koi mil gaya, ready and so on. 

Rajesh kumar said, He wasn’t a single person but a family himself.

We all will miss you sir !! It’s such a heavy loss in the bollywood.