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‘Who Knows Him Better Than His Family?’ Amit Kumar on making biopic on father, Kishore Kumar


Biopic of the great Kishore Kumar is on the way! And it’s none another than his own family, sons Amit and Sumi and wife Leena Chandavarkar who will be producing as well as directing the film. The biopic will give a glimpse on the life and times of the legendary singer-composer-actor-filmmaker.

Earlier filmmakers such as Shoojit Sircar and Anurag Basu tried to process biopics on Kishore Kumar however nothing came of it.

Talking about the decision to make the film themselves Amit Kumar said “It was always my intention that we do the biopic. After all who knows him (Kishore Kumar) better than his family?”

“We’re about to start shooting the interviews with our family about my father,” he added.

Explaining that the shooting will take time he said, “We know that the script will take at least a year to develop. It’s a lot of hard work, and a long journey ahead.”

Meanwhile filmmaker Anurag Basu’s version is stuck because of some legal formalities. Meanwhile Actor Ranbir Kapoor is his first choice to play Kishore Kumar. But since it’s been years since anyone heard anything about Basu’s version fans are very excited to know who will be Kumar’s family’s choice for the role.