Home Events “A beautiful Diwali celebration by PM Modi with soldiers”

“A beautiful Diwali celebration by PM Modi with soldiers”


In a heartfelt gesture of solidarity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked the auspicious occasion of Diwali by visiting Lepcha in Himachal Pradesh to celebrate with the courageous men and women who serve in our security forces. Taking to social media, the Prime Minister, known for his proactive engagement on X (formerly Twitter), shared his arrival and glimpses of the memorable event.

Dressed in military attire, Prime Minister Modi personally interacted with the dedicated security personnel, forging a strong bond with those who protect our nation. This longstanding tradition of celebrating Diwali with soldiers has been a hallmark of his leadership since he assumed office in 2014.

The Prime Minister’s annual visits to military facilities during Diwali not only symbolize his unwavering support for the armed forces but also serve as an opportunity to express gratitude to these brave men and women who selflessly safeguard the nation. This year’s visit to Lepcha marks his ninth Diwali celebration with the soldiers, further highlighting the importance he places on acknowledging and celebrating their dedication and sacrifice.