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Calcutta High Court Restrains BJP from Publishing Derogatory Ads Against Trinamool Congress


In a significant ruling, the Calcutta High Court has barred the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) from disseminating derogatory advertisements targeting Bengal’s ruling Trinamool Congress, particularly during the ‘silence period’ preceding polls. The court’s decision, citing violations of the Model Code of Conduct and the right to fair elections, highlights the need to uphold ethical standards in political campaigning.

Justice Sabyasachi Bhattacharyya, while admonishing the Election Commission of India for its alleged failure to address complaints lodged by the Trinamool Congress, emphasized the derogatory nature of the ads directed at the rival party. The judge deemed such publications as intended to insult and personally attack the Trinamool Congress, thus contravening the principles of fair electoral practices.

The court’s ruling underscores the importance of maintaining integrity and civility in political discourse, particularly during sensitive electoral periods. By restraining the BJP from further publishing such advertisements, the court aims to uphold the rights of all citizens to a free, fair, and untainted electoral process.

Moreover, the judiciary’s intervention highlights the responsibility of electoral authorities to promptly address complaints of misconduct and enforce regulations to safeguard the sanctity of elections. Failure to do so, as observed by Justice Bhattacharyya, undermines the credibility and effectiveness of the electoral process.

In light of these developments, the ruling serves as a reminder of the judiciary’s role in safeguarding democratic values and ensuring accountability among political entities. It underscores the imperative for political parties to adhere to ethical standards and refrain from engaging in practices that undermine the integrity of the electoral process.