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“Anupam Kher Applauds Kangana Ranaut’s Victory, Esha Deol Celebrates Hema Malini’s Triumph in Lok Sabha Elections”


Acclaimed actor Anupam Kher and Bollywood star Esha Deol expressed their joy as veteran actress Hema Malini secured her third consecutive victory in the Lok Sabha elections from Mathura, while Kangana Ranaut emerged victorious in her debut electoral run in the Mandi constituency.

"Anupam Kher Applauds Kangana Ranaut's Victory, Esha Deol Celebrates Hema Malini's Triumph in Lok Sabha Elections"

Taking to social media, Anupam Kher showered praise on Kangana Ranaut, labeling her a “rockstar” in a heartfelt message accompanying a video collage capturing her campaign journey. He lauded her inspirational journey and commended her relentless determination, emphasizing the transformative power of focus and hard work.

Meanwhile, Esha Deol extended warm wishes to her mother, Hema Malini, on her electoral triumph, celebrating her resounding victory in Mathura. Hema Malini, a BJP candidate, secured her win for the third consecutive term, showcasing her enduring popularity among constituents.

Both Kangana Ranaut and Hema Malini contested as BJP candidates, with their victories marking significant milestones in their respective political journeys. Ranaut’s win in Mandi and Malini’s hat-trick victory in Mathura underscore the BJP’s success in the Lok Sabha elections.

As Kangana Ranaut and Hema Malini bask in the glory of their electoral victories, their achievements serve as testaments to their dedication and perseverance, resonating with their supporters and admirers alike.