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“BJP’s Ayodhya Setback: Residents Express Grievances Over Temple Project, Land Acquisition”


In the aftermath of the Faizabad Lok Sabha seat loss, particularly poignant for Ayodhya, BJP supporters and locals voice dissatisfaction with the party’s handling of local issues, despite the grand inauguration of the Ram temple being a significant campaign focal point.

Ayodhya, the epicenter of the Ram Mandir movement, witnessed an unexpected defeat for the BJP, with the Samajwadi Party’s Awadhesh Prasad emerging victorious. The loss has sparked reflections on the efficacy of the BJP’s campaign strategy and governance.

Laxmikant Tiwari, a BJP representative, lamented the disconnect between the consecration of the Ram temple and electoral support, attributing the defeat to local grievances, including land acquisition concerns and the transfer of BSP votes to the SP due to Prasad’s Dalit leadership.

Prasad, celebrating his historic win, emphasized the inclusive nature of his campaign, transcending caste and community affiliations. Meanwhile, criticisms of unemployment, inflation, and the BJP’s rhetoric regarding constitutional changes reverberate among voters.

Local residents express frustration over the perceived neglect of pressing issues like unemployment and land acquisition, overshadowed by the grandeur of the Ram temple project. They highlight broken promises regarding job opportunities and compensation for land acquisition.

The sentiment among Ayodhya’s residents reflects a broader discontent with the BJP’s governance and campaign messaging, emphasizing the need for tangible solutions to local challenges and genuine engagement with community concerns.