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India’s Daily COVID-19 Update: 640 New Cases and 1 Fatality Reported


In the latest update on India’s COVID-19 situation, the country recorded 640 new infections on Friday, pushing the total tally to 4.50 crore (4,50,07,212), according to data from the Union health ministry. The number of active cases saw an increase from 2,669 to 2,997 within 24 hours.

The death toll climbed to 5,33,328, with one additional fatality reported in Kerala. However, the recovery trend remains positive, with the number of individuals recuperating from the virus reaching 4,44,70,887. The national recovery rate now stands impressively high at 98.81%, as highlighted on the health ministry’s website. The case fatality rate is reported at 1.19%.

Amid the ongoing battle against the pandemic, vaccination efforts continue to make significant strides. The health ministry’s data reveals that a remarkable 220.67 crore doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered across the country. This signifies a substantial step forward in the nation’s vaccination campaign.

The regional updates include Karnataka reporting 13 new infections, and Tamil Nadu logging 15 cases within the 24-hour period. These statistics emphasize the need for continued vigilance and adherence to preventive measures.

As the situation unfolds, stay tuned with TOI for live updates on India’s COVID-19 scenario. The collective efforts in vaccination and public health measures remain crucial in the fight against the pandemic.