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The Divine Symphony: Sculptor Arun Yogiraj’s Spiritual Journey Crafting Ram Lalla Idol


In a tale of devotion and artistic dedication, Mysuru-based sculptor Arun Yogiraj, the artisan behind the ‘Ram Lalla’ idol enshrined in the newly-constructed Ayodhya temple, embarked on a spiritual journey that went beyond the chisel and hammer. Acharya Sumdhur Shastri, a scholar proficient in Sanskrit and music, shares the remarkable experiences of witnessing every stage of the idol’s creation, from the first strike on the foundation stone to its final adornment in the sanctum sanctorum.

The Divine Symphony: Sculptor Arun Yogiraj's Spiritual Journey Crafting Ram Lalla Idol

Over the past seven months, Arun Yogiraj’s commitment to his craft transcended conventional norms. According to reports, the dedicated sculptor would awaken in the middle of the night, compelled by an inner calling from “Ram Lalla.” This unique connection between the artist and the divine subject of his creation added a spiritual dimension to the meticulous craftsmanship that went into shaping the iconic idol.

Acharya Sumdhur Shastri, an eyewitness to the entire process, provides insights into the sculptor’s journey, describing the moment when the first chisel struck the foundation stone for the Ram Lalla idol. From that initial strike, Yogiraj’s artistic endeavor unfolded, eventually leading to the completion of the deity’s installation and the initial embellishments within the sanctum sanctorum.

The narrative weaves together artistic expertise, spiritual devotion, and a profound connection with the divine. Arun Yogiraj’s nocturnal awakenings, driven by the perceived call from Ram Lalla, offer a glimpse into the deep spiritual connection that artists often form with their creations, particularly when crafting sacred and revered figures.

As the Ayodhya temple stands as a testament to faith and architectural brilliance, the story of Arun Yogiraj’s craftsmanship enriches the narrative, emphasizing the intertwining of artistic expression and spiritual devotion in the creation of the revered Ram Lalla idol. The sculptor’s commitment to his craft, coupled with a sense of divine guidance, underscores the profound significance of this idol in the hearts of millions who hold the deity in high reverence.