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Visage Beauty Unveils Game-Changing Revamp for Sara Beauty: Vegan Skincare and Modern Branding!


Visage Beauty has recently announced the revamp of their subsidiary, Sara Beauty, and it’s an exciting time for beauty enthusiasts everywhere. Sara Beauty has been a prominent player in the beauty industry since 1989, committed to offering clients the best skincare products through a combination of conventional and cutting-edge scientific techniques. Now, with a complete overhaul of their product line, packaging, and branding, the brand is poised to take the industry by storm.

Sara hails from the prestigious Visage beauty brand, which has been a frontrunner in the Indian skincare industry since its inception in 1963. Despite being established during the nascent stages of the beauty industry, Visage has constantly evolved with time and emerged as a leader in skincare. Today, under the direction of Mr. Vidur Kapur, the third-generation leader of Visage, the brand has been reimagined to suit the modern era while staying true to its roots. Despite the complete makeover, the brand’s products continue to retain their original efficacy and the true auntencity of Indian Ayurveda.

The team of experts at Sara Beauty has carefully curated a range of products that cater to a wide range of skin tones and types, while still employing all-natural ingredients and sulfate-free products. “We understand the importance of inclusivity and diversity in the beauty industry, and our new product line reflects that,” says Mr. Vidur Kapur, director of Visage Beauty.

But the revamp doesn’t stop there. Sara Beauty’s branding has also undergone a transformation, taking inspiration from the modern era. The brand’s new look is contemporary, vibrant, and youthful. Mr. Vineet Kapur, founder of Visage Beauty, emphasizes the importance of safety and welfare for their customers, stating that all of their products are free of toxins and dangerous substances and have undergone dermatological testing.

At Sara Beauty, the goal is to develop solutions that target all of your skin-related problems and offer the best solution to resolve them. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction remaining unwavering, it’s no wonder why they are confident that the revamp of Sara Beauty will meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.

So, if you’re looking for a range of high-quality skincare products that are also secure and reliable, look no further than Sara Beauty’s revamped product line and contemporary branding.