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Perfora Launches Smart Sonic Toothbrush: A Revolution in Oral Care


Perfora, the trailblazing digital oral care brand acclaimed for its vibrant electric toothbrushes and unique range of SLS-Free Toothpaste, proudly introduces its latest innovation: the Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush.

Named the Smart Sonic Toothbrush, this cutting-edge device boasts four distinct modes – clean, white, sensitive, and massage – each operating at varying vibration frequencies. With a remarkable battery life of 60 days, complete with an indicator, recharging is a breeze using the provided induction charging base and USB cable.

Included with the toothbrush are four brush heads featuring three different types of bristles: activated charcoal for a super-soft touch, spiral for those who prefer soft bristles, and blue-green for a medium-soft feel.

Available at INR 2499, customers also have the option to personalize their toothbrush with their name on the brand’s website, www.perforacare.com.

Backed by a 1-year warranty and IPX7 certification for waterproofing, the toothbrush is suitable for use even in the shower.

Engineered with Sonic Technology, the Smart Sonic Toothbrush incorporates a 2-minute automated timer and 30-second quad interval feature, ensuring a consistent and thorough brushing experience.

Boasting powerful sonic vibrations, this toothbrush is designed to eliminate plaque up to 10 times more effectively than conventional brushes.

About Perfora:

Perfora is a digitally native oral care brand renowned for its vibrant electric toothbrushes and an array of SLS-Free Toothpaste in unique flavors. With a dedication to innovation and quality, Perfora aims to redefine oral care routines, delivering smiles that radiate confidence. For more information, please visit www.perforacare.com.