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Durga Puja Extravaganza Enlivens CR Park with Spectacular Pandal Designs and Cultural Revelry


The Durga Puja celebrations kick off at the Kali Mandir in Chittaranjan (CR) Park, as elaborately adorned idols are transported to various pandals, marking the commencement of the festivity. With creative pandals, dazzling lights, delectable food, and intricate rituals, the six-day extravaganza promises to captivate the attendees.

The CR Park is abuzz with excitement over its nine pandals, with the B Block pandal stealing the limelight this year. A striking replica of the new parliament building, adorned with red and white painted wooden planks, embellished with peacock motifs and geometric designs, is poised to enthrall the onlookers.

Awaiting the auspicious occasion of “Shashti” on Friday, the organizers have shrouded the idols’ faces, adding an air of anticipation to the celebration. Vice-president Tamal Rakshit highlighted the novelty of the pandal’s design, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of artisans from various parts of Bengal.

The neighborhood is bustling with enthusiasts engaging in the popular tradition of pandal hopping, with long-time attendees like Sushmita Datta and her companions expressing their spontaneous love for the tradition.

Furthermore, the aroma of delectable food fills the Cooperative Ground Puja pandal, where the local women are hosting the Ananda Mela, offering an array of mouth-watering delicacies, including “Gondharaj bhetki” and “Kosha Mangsho”.

Reflecting the theme of showcasing India’s hidden architectural gems, the pandal design draws inspiration from a temple in Bihar, incorporating the Nagara style of architecture.

As the festivities unfold, the Kali Mandir Society’s secretary, Pradip Majumdar, anticipates the apex of the golden jubilee celebration over the next five days, culminating in the unveiling of the idols’ faces on Friday evening.

Amidst the fervor, a robust security arrangement is in place, involving the deployment of around 500 police officers, civil defense volunteers, and home guards to manage the expected influx of visitors. Traffic management measures have been implemented, urging commuters to avoid roads housing the Durga Puja pandals.