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OnePlus Enters the Foldable Arena with OnePlus Open, Set to Face Stiff Competition from Oppo, Samsung, Apple, and Google


OnePlus has entered the foldable smartphone market with its latest flagship, the OnePlus Open, boasting the most brilliant display ever seen on a smartphone. With the premium segment becoming increasingly competitive due to the emergence of more foldable devices, OnePlus faces challenges in establishing itself within the ultra-premium smartphone market, currently dominated by Apple and Samsung. Here are the five main competitors that the OnePlus Open must contend with in the premium segment.

One of its primary competitors is its parent company, Oppo, which recently unveiled the Oppo Find N3, a foldable phone similar to the OnePlus Open, differing mainly in software. Oppo’s offering enjoys an advantage with its vibrant color options, including Gold and Red, giving it a more striking appearance compared to the relatively understated color choices of the OnePlus Open. However, this might not significantly impact OnePlus, considering the limited availability of the Oppo Find N3 in select markets, giving OnePlus an edge in markets like India where it faces no direct competition from Oppo.

Samsung, a pioneer in the foldable phone market, presents tough competition with its refined Galaxy Z Fold5, featuring exclusive offerings such as an IPX8 rating, top-notch foldable software experience, and up to 1 TB of internal storage. While Samsung maintains a lead in the foldable market, OnePlus can leverage its slightly more affordable pricing compared to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5.

Despite being a non-foldable device, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max remains a formidable contender in the premium flagship segment, leveraging its brand value and comprehensive features, posing a challenge to the OnePlus Open, which, despite being more cost-effective, may struggle to match Apple’s market reputation.

Additionally, the Google Pixel 8 Pro, known for its advanced camera capabilities and AI technology, presents another noteworthy competitor to the OnePlus Open. While the OnePlus Open boasts a Hasselblad-tuned camera, the Google Pixel 8 Pro employs powerful AI algorithms for enhancing image quality, thereby providing a distinct advantage in terms of photography capabilities.