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“Ricky Ponting Emerges as Contender to Succeed Rahul Dravid as Indian Cricket Team’s Head Coach”


As the search for Team India’s next head coach gains momentum, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has initiated the process of soliciting applications following the conclusion of Rahul Dravid’s tenure post the T20 World Cup. Dravid, who assumed the role in November 2021, opted not to extend his contract, leaving the BCCI to explore alternatives amidst limited options.

"Ricky Ponting Emerges as Contender to Succeed Rahul Dravid as Indian Cricket Team's Head Coach"

Various candidates have been speculated to fill the void left by Dravid. Justin Langer has expressed interest, and reports suggest informal discussions with Chennai Super Kings coach Stephen Fleming, albeit with little enthusiasm from the latter. Interestingly, the BCCI appears open to the idea of hiring an overseas coach, a departure from previous norms.

Among the contenders, Ricky Ponting, the current coach of Delhi Capitals and former Australian cricket stalwart, has emerged as a potential candidate. Reports indicate that Ponting has been approached by the BCCI, although concerns linger regarding the demanding nature of the role and its extensive travel requirements. Ponting, who previously considered coaching opportunities with both India and Australia, cited family commitments as a factor influencing his decision-making process.

If confirmed, this wouldn’t be the first time Ponting has been courted for the position. Following Ravi Shastri’s departure, Ponting revealed earlier interest from the BCCI, ultimately leading to Dravid’s appointment. However, Ponting’s familial obligations and the rigorous demands of coaching at the international level could present hurdles in his potential candidacy.

As discussions unfold and speculations abound, the cricketing world awaits the BCCI’s decision on who will helm the Indian team, leading them into the next phase of their journey, possibly until the 2027 World Cup.