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“Heartbreak for Pakistan as DRS Drama Mars World Cup Clash Against South Africa”


In a dramatic and nail-biting encounter, Pakistan faced a crushing blow to their Cricket World Cup 2023 aspirations, losing to South Africa by a mere one wicket. The disappointment was palpable, and Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam, had to come to terms with a pivotal but contentious DRS call that played a significant role in their gut-wrenching defeat to South Africa in Chennai.

The turning point occurred in the 46th over when a delivery from Pakistan’s Haris Rauf, bowled wide off the crease, struck South Africa’s Keshav Maharaj on the pads. The on-field umpire initially ruled it not out, prompting Pakistan to request a DRS (Decision Review System) appeal. The tension in the stadium was palpable as ball tracking revealed that the ball would have grazed the leg stump. However, to Pakistan’s dismay, Maharaj survived the DRS appeal thanks to the Umpires’ Call.

In the aftermath of the heart-wrenching loss, Babar Azam gracefully addressed the controversial DRS call during the post-match presentation. He remarked, “It’s part of the game. This is umpire’s call, so I think it’s just part of the game. Had he given it out, it would have favored us.”

BThis intense clash, marred by the DRS drama, has ignited discussions and debates among cricket enthusiasts worldwide. The match showcased the fine margins and unpredictability of the game, leaving both teams and fans on the edge of their seats. As Pakistan’s Cricket World Cup journey continues, the memory of this contentious DRS call will undoubtedly linger in the minds of players and fans alike.