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IPL 2023: Gujarat Titans Secure ‘Ranchi ka Gayle’ Robin Minz for Whopping Rs 3.6 Crore, Dhoni’s Support Evident


In a remarkable turn of events on a typical Tuesday, retired Army man Francis Xavier Minz experienced an unexpected twist in his life as his son, the six-hitting wicket-keeper batsman Robin Minz, became the talk of the town. Robin, affectionately known as ‘Ranchi ka Gayle,’ hails from the tribal belt of Jharkhand and has now found a lucrative spot in the Gujarat Titans squad for a staggering Rs 3.60 crore, following an intense bidding war that involved the Mumbai Indians.

While working as a security guard at Ranchi airport, Francis Xavier Minz was approached by a CISF jawan who joyously exclaimed, “Arrey Francis sir, aap toh crorepati ban gaye” (You have become a millionaire). This unexpected windfall came as Gujarat Titans secured the promising 21-year-old talent for a significant sum in the IPL auction.

The Minz family’s roots trace back to Telgaon, a village situated in the tribal belt of Gumla district. Notably, cricket isn’t the predominant sport in this region, which has produced several world-class hockey players, including the renowned Lakra siblings—Bimal, Birendra, and Asunta.

What sets Robin Minz apart is not just his hefty price tag but also the backing he received from none other than cricketing legend MS Dhoni. According to reports, Dhoni assured Robin’s father that if no other franchise picked the young cricketer, the Gujarat Titans would step in to secure him.

Beyond the glitz of the IPL auction and the impressive figures associated with Robin Minz’s acquisition, there’s a story of familial pride, dedication, and values. Francis Xavier Minz, the retired army man and Robin’s father, attributes his son’s success to the principles of “imaandaari” (honesty) and “wafadari” (loyalty) that he instilled in him.

As Robin Minz gears up to showcase his explosive batting skills in the upcoming IPL season, the narrative surrounding ‘Ranchi ka Gayle’ becomes not just a cricketing tale but a testament to the triumph of talent and the enduring values passed down through generations in the tribal heartland of Jharkhand.