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“Sourav Ganguly Reflects on Fond Memories of Playing in Pakistan and His Friendship with Pakistani Players”


Former BCCI president, Sourav Ganguly, recently shared heartfelt reminiscences of his cricketing journey in Pakistan, shedding light on his close bonds with renowned Pakistani players. In a candid conversation with celebrated Pakistani journalist, Shahid Hashmi, their exchange has set the social media sphere abuzz.

Ganguly’s words resonated with warmth and camaraderie as he expressed, “I have grown up playing cricket with Wasim Akram, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Misbah-ul-Haq, Yousuf Yohana (Mohammad Yousuf).” It’s evident that the shared love for the sport transcended borders, creating lasting friendships.

The former Indian captain also took a moment to share his delight in the well-being of Wasim Akram, who has had a fascinating journey across various cricketing hubs. Ganguly humorously recalled, “He had roller skates under his feet, traversing between Delhi, Mumbai, England, and Pakistan.” Ganguly’s admiration for Akram’s work as a cricket pundit was palpable, especially when he playfully noted, “I watch his show and like it when he scolds Pakistani players.” Acknowledging the passage of time, Ganguly added, “His son has grown up. When I see his photos on Instagram, he looks more handsome than his father.”

Inzamam-ul-Haq, known for his elegant but unhurried batting style, received a special mention from Ganguly. He marveled at Inzamam’s ability to make even express-paced bowling appear pedestrian, stating, “Inzamam-ul-Haq was very slow but when he faced fast bowling, it seemed the bowling was slow in front of him.”

Beyond nostalgia and reminiscences, Sourav Ganguly’s passion for cricket remains undiminished. He is closely monitoring the performance of the Indian cricket team in the ICC World Cup 2023, indicating his unwavering commitment to the sport and its global resonance.